Detailing Devils is an automotive detailing brand that started back in 2017 with its headquarters based in Singapore. It now has wide popularity amongst Indian audiences with more than 30 studios for excellent services in cleaning, washing, detailing, and ceramic coating for all kinds of automotive vehicles.

Ever since the COVID-19 situation emerged, Detailing Devils has expressed a strong desire to utilize their skill and equipment in its aid. The crisis at hand gave us a green nod and Detailing Devils has culminated into a branch of Sanitization service.

This service is an initiative of Detailing Devils Managing Director, Mr. Rajat Ahooja, who always envisioned health as the most important priority of life. Detailing Devils is popular for its skills, dedication towards work, its unprecedented services and prioritizing the needs of its customers.

This time, however, Detailing Devils is going a step further by bringing healthcare service into its business, keeping in mind the pandemic that has affected lives on a global scale.

We stand united in this, let’s fight Corona Virus together and reclaim a healthy living.



COVID-19 At a Glance


Wuhan, China. The name itself sends a chilling wave of fear. Corona Virus or COVID-19 is thought have spread from this city during the early days of December last year. The virus has now gripped more than 185 countries at a rapid pace. As per the latest tally from WHO, as on 31st April 2020, there are more than 3 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 infected patients. The virus has claimed the lives of more than 250K people.

The WHO guidelines have managed to save a lot from the untold disaster but now 4.5 billion people, almost half the world, are living under the shade of social distancing to slow the spread of this deadly disease. Many festivals and celebrations are conducted in isolation avoiding massive gatherings.


India reported its first novel Corona Virus case on 31st January 2020 imported from China. As of 5th May 2020, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare confirmed more than 46433 cases, 12727 recoveries, and 1568 fatalities. However, expert suggests this number to be higher because of India's lower testing rates. The infection rate of COVID-19 in India is reported to be at 1.7, which is lower than the other countries in comparison, but it should be below 1 to reach a safe standpoint.

The virus outbreak has been denoted as an epidemic in many Indian states, and the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 has been evoked to shut down large bodies like malls, educational institutions, entertainment hubs, etc.

What is COVID-19?

A disease caused by the strain of the recently found coronavirus is COVID-19. It is officially denoted as SARS-CoV2. It has similar genetic makeup to SARS CoV 1, which caused global concern back in 2003.

What are the symptoms and how much it could affect a human body?

People may experience dry cough, Fever, tiredness while some may also experience, aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sore throat. It takes 5-14 days from when the person infected with COVID-19 starts showing symptoms.


How can we prevent its further spread?

Currently, there is no confirmed treatment or vaccine to cure COVID-19. The only way to curb its spread is by shielding yourself from exposure to the infection which can be done by following these foremost measures :


Keep a Safe Distance

Follow social distancing and avoid going to Bustling places unnecessarily.


Wash Hands Often

Keep washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds & use alcohol based sanitizer frequently.


Cover your Face

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth & wear a mask if you go out in Public


SICK? Call the helpline

If you have a fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, seek medical attention immediately.


Update Yourself

Keep yourself up to date on the latest information from trusted sources such as WHO or your local and national health authorities


Follow Guidelines

Follow the Rules, Regulations, Guidelines and directions of your National and Local Health authorities.




Nations are on a race to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus. It is a time when we need to remain cautious and don't lose to panic. Good hygiene and clean surroundings are the keys to safeguard your homes, society, vehicles, shops, etc. We have designed our sanitization service that takes care of every square inch of your home, vehicle, commercial space, office, and makes it completely sanitized and worry-free.


Sanitization refers to the process of cleaning, disposing of, and provision of facilities for the safe management of different wastes to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. It is a healthy mode of living and everybody must welcome this practice into their lives. However, our current lifestyle and lack of time refrain us from following the proper hygiene and sanitation protocols.



Have you sneezed or coughed on a surface or touched a surface after sneezing or coughing? You are in a desperate need of sanitization. Although, surface may look and smell clean most of the time but it is still littered with infectious micro-organisms that may be deadly if inhaled or enter your body.

Germs, bacteria, and viruses are the leading cause of infectious diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, influenza, and now COVID-19. According to WHO, these diseases contribute to stunting and impaired cognitive functions throughout our society. They directly impact school & office attendance, anxiety, have long lasting consequences, and change the way we live and interact completely.

Following a strict sanitation regimen can help avoid these outcomes. In this unprecedented time, people and businesses are looking for ways to continue their work and living under a healthy space free of fear and anxiety of deadly diseases.


Detailing Devils sanitizing is an industry-standard technology that redefines the notion of a healthy and hygienic living or working space. We have the prerequisite skills, personnel, and equipment to execute this job with complete efficiency and safety. Our services ensure 99.99% of germ, virus, and bacteria elimination, whether they are on a surface or suspended in the air.

We are going to serve a large audience from the very start. We have all the required resources to immediately execute the task in mind. Our sanitization services will be available for:

Residential Apartments |
Houses | Bungalows
Residential Society | Flats | Housing Co-operation
Airports | Docks | Hospitals
Shopping Complex | Malls
Hotels and Restaurants
Theatre and Entertainment Communities
Commercial Offices and Buildings
Factories | Construction Site
Animal Husbandry

We will provide our services on a regular, semi-weekly, weekly and bi-weekly basis for both residential, and commercial spaces.


What kind of benefits you can get from our sanitization services? There are a number of benefits after a successful sanitization service among the fearless and healthy living environment.

Automotive img

COVID-19 cannot be taken lightly, especially when you have to commute every day through Red Zones. Detailing Devils sanitization service can save you and your vehicle from a lot of things.

  • Ride Fearless
  • Guaranteed 99.99% Virus Elimination
  • Clean & Comfortable Ride
  • Daily Sanitization Package Available
  • Inside-Out Sanitization
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Home img

There is no place on the planet like home because you feel comfortable and safe here. What if it becomes the most vulnerable to the attacks of viruses and germs? Currently, it is. But there is no need to worry. Our services will provide.

  • A Perfectly Sanitized Home
  • Each Room Completely Sanitized
  • Virus Elimination at 99.99%
  • Stay Safe at Your Home
  • Touch your Favorite Belongings
  • Without Anxiety
  • Daily Sanitization Package Available

Office | Commercial Space img

There is a lot of buzz in the office. Many people come, stay and leave. You can't expect everyone to follow proper etiquettes and hygiene. The result? Your office staff in constant phobia and anxiety. Some might not even come for their regular duty amidst the fear of Corona Virus disease. Our service provides.

  • Guaranteed Virus Elimination
  • A Healthy Work Environment
  • Your Employees Can Work Worry-Free
  • More Concentration on Work Due to Safe Environment
  • No Phobia of Touching Daily Used Objects in Office
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Hotel | Restaurants img

People are extremely picky about their food. From taste to how it looks can win you a customer or lose it. What if the place is not equipped with proper hygiene? And during this troubled situation of COVID-19 will the customer come to your shop? You can gain the following from our services.

  • A Healthy and Hygienic Kitchen
  • Complete Sanitization in Kitchen and Waiting Area
  • Furniture and Table Sanitization
  • Builds Trust Among Customer if they Know The Place is Sanitized
  • Your Employees Too Will Work Worry-Free
  • Daily Sanitization Package Available

Hospital | Clinics img

If the place where everything is cured isn't sanitized then how can it function properly? Detailing Devils sanitization services allows the hospital staff to work smoothly. It is the primary concern of every nation to protect its medical care workers. A sanitized ground will allow them to work without any anxiety or irritation.

  • Complete Sanitization for the Premises
  • Sanitized Beds, Stretchers, Rooms and Floor
  • Makes the Patients More Confident to Enter
  • Eliminate Micro-Organisms that are dispersed Through Other Diseases
  • Daily Sanitization Package Available

Shopping Complex | Malls | Theatres img

Entertainment is the sole thing that keeps our boredom in check. But when the places that provide it are under complete shutdown what can happen? A large crowd gathers each day at these spots and it is mandatory to maintain its cleanliness. These places are locked due to COVID-19 and will not see a quick reopening in the near future. What can they possibly gain from our services?

  • Welcome the Crowd with a Sanitized Place
  • People Will Feel Confident to Enter if the Place Is Sanitized
  • Complete Sanitization in Every Nook and Cranny
  • Daily Sanitization Package Available

Factories | Construction Sites img

Things are mass-produced but are they mass cleaned? Factories and construction sites create lots of noise, dust and pollution. A huge workforce gather here to make things go smoothly. Our services can be beneficial to both.

  • Each Tool & Machinery Is Sanitized
  • Workers will Work Worry-Free
  • Eliminates all Infectious Micro-Organisms in the Vicinity
  • A Healthy Anxiety-Free Work Environment
  • Daily Sanitization Package Available

These are some benefits of our services in each industry. Following a proper sanitation protocol can save countless people from getting infected and ill that may overburden our healthcare system. Our services utilizes equipment and chemicals approved by ICMR and listed by WHO to eliminate all kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses, even the recently discovered COVID-19. Our motto is to keep it clean and safe.


Detailing Devils is using industry-standard equipment to provide its sanitization services. Our sanitization method, water-based chemicals, and alcohol-based cleaners are prescribed by ICMR (Indian Centre for Medical Research) and WHO as effective agents to eradicate infectious micro-organisms, including Corona Virus.


High Touch Point Disinfection

Our Trained professional disinfect high touch point zones like Door handles, stair railings, light switches, among others.


Surface Disinfection

Conducted by our extensively trained sanitising professionals, to disinfect the treatment area completely.


Disinfection with Atomizer Sprayer

Our trained and fully geared cleaning team will ensure all surfaces are entirely disinfected.


We are employing the industry-standard equipment and prescribed chemicals and disinfectant while following all safety protocols and guidelines.

Step 1

We use powerful chemicals to clean all hard surfaces that can come in direct contact with your hands. The microfiber towel is completely laced with chemicals that are applied throughout the surface without leaving an inch.

Step 2

By employing spray based chemical dispersion mechanism on all hard surfaces we ensure that it covers a wide area in the form of small droplets to eliminate 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Step 3

We ensure that surfaces like door knobs, handles, drawers, etc. that are regularly used are decontaminated with extreme care.

Step 4

Small and hard to reach spaces are sprayed with a jet of appropriate chemicals leaving no space unsanitary.

Step 5

Lastly, we neutralize the airborne matters suspended in the air, for this, we use a heavy concentration of appropriate chemicals and spread it through Our disinfectant Fogger for complete sanitization. The whole process is executed with complete care leaving no surface or area un-sanitized.